How to Catch Striped Bass

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Striper fishing is becoming popular very fast. If you would like to striper fish, here is a very common way for catching fish.


  1. Get a boat that has a fish finder, and a large pole for big fish. These poles are usually around 125 dollars.
  2. Go to a near by fishing bait shop. You will need to get around 50 herring.
  3. Use your fish finder to find large schools of striper(you will need to go at like 6 o clock AM to catch a lot).
  4. Know that once you have found the fish, use 2/0 shiner or 2/0 octopus hooks, and hook the herring through the head going sideways.
  5. Read the fish finder to see how far down the striper are.
  6. Divide the number of feet they are down by 2 and grab your line at the reel and pull it outwards along the pole that many times. So divide how deep the fish are down by 2. Then pull the line out along the pole that many times.
  7. Be ready to catch a lot of fish.


  • If you could use rod holders on the boat that would be a big help in catching the striper.
  • The tactic is called down lining. For more info search it on the internet.
  • If you do not want to go out in a boat, there is no need to get a boat. You can fish from shore with chunks of herring. Look for rocky outcroppings or creek mouths with a lot of current. Cast your chunk upstream and let it drift down over the area you think the fish are holding. You can also use other baits or lures like crabs, eels, popping plugs and many other methods. Cape Cod MA. is probably the best place to catch Striped Bass.

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